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Delivering world-class customer experiences through experimentation and personalisation
Datum dinsdag 24 mei Locatie Kruidfabriek, Amstelveen Tijd 13:00- 14:00 Kosten Gratis
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A seminar with Optimizely

49% of consumers feel their expectations for brand experiences are not being met. At the same time, 71% of decision makers are unable to easily understand what exactly drives customer experiences. Join the seminar on **May 24 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM** hosted by Optimizely and 4NG where we will share key strategies and techniques to help you reach your digital potential through experimentation and personalization . Learn from [Hazjier Pourkhalkhali](, Global VP of Strategy & Value at Optimizely, how leading companies such as KLM, Wall Street Journal and Microsoft are experimenting to gain valuable insights, accelerate innovation and drive digital growth across all their touchpoints. Followed by 4NG Expert [Paul de Metter]( who will discuss best practices on using advanced AI-based personalization for automated and dynamic targeting of individuals based on their behavior and intent to deliver the unique 1:1 personalized experience your visitors are looking for.


Most important insights of the session!

A seminar with Optimizely

2 experts as speakers / beautiful location close to Amsterdam

  • Get more income from your website
  • Discover the most effective ways to convert your website visitors into long-term customers.
  • Reduce your customer acquisition costs
  • Reduce the risk of losing customers through website changes by driving impactful changes in your business based on data.

After the presentations there will be time for questions and answers, networking, and interaction with the presenters and other experts from Optimizely and 4NG and fellow digital leaders. The seminar is presented by two experts from Optimizely and 4NG.

Hazjier has spent years researching to improve the field of experimentation. He is now collaborating on three scientific studies on experimentation with Harvard Business School. As a CRO consultant, he has worked with leaders at Microsoft, IBM, eBay, Adidas, H&M and many others. His experiments have increased his customers' sales by hundreds of millions. He is today Optimizely's Global VP Strategy & Value. Paul has been an entrepreneur and software specialist for more than 20 years. As CTO of 4NG, he is responsible for identifying and applying new techniques and platforms, so he is always looking for trends in the market. From his role as a Digital Strategist, he has been awarded the status of Optimizely Most Valuable Professional (OMVP). With the broad product knowledge of the Optimizely platform, he can perfectly translate this into a future-proof solution for the customer.

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