Tour de Vuelta

On Sunday 14 August it’s time: the official 4NG Tour de Vuelta in Utrecht with Conclusion. A little less than a week before the professionals start the tour, the first and second stages are open for you to explore yourself. We are going for a bike ride in beautiful Utrecht with our colleagues and highly valued clients.
Datum zondag 14 augustus Locatie Utrecht Tijd 9:00- 18:00 Kosten €0,-
Tour de 4NG: Vuelta


The route starts and finishes in the beautiful centrally located Utrecht: the cycling city where La Vuelta will also start a week later. from 4NG we will make a tour of 115 kilometers where you will cycle as much as possible over the course of the first two stages of La Vuelta Holanda. The first 20 kilometers you cycle in a peloton with about 3000 men.


With the arrival of La Vuelta, Utrecht is the only city in the world to have hosted the three largest cycling races. In 2022 you have the chance to cycle all three tours of these grand tours yourself in Utrecht:

- The Classico Giro Utrecht on May 22,

- The Tour d'Utrecht on July 3

- The Tour version La Vuelta Holanda on Sunday August 14. No professional can imitate that, but everyone really wants this.


The Vuelta Holanda will start in 2022 with a team time trial in Utrecht. Utrecht will soon be the only city in the world that has hosted all major cycling races. A stage of the Giro d'Italia previously finished in Utrecht and the Tour de France has already started in the city. With the arrival of the Vuelta, the trilogy is completed. A week before the Vuelta is driven, you have the chance to explore a large part of the course. The tours follow the official route of the second stage as much as possible.

Tour de 4NG: Vuelta


Special cycling clothing has been designed for the Tour version La Vuelta Holanda. All items can be ordered separately during your registration.

Tour de 4NG: Vuelta
Andre Van Der Veer

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