Growth & Performance Program

Accelerate your digital growth, convert visions into tangible (sales) figures and keep growing with the help of Digital Marketing & Social Media Specialists.
Performance & Growth | 4NG

A future-proof growth plan 

Do you want to increase the conversion of your channels? Generate more quality leads? During the Growth & Performance Program we work on the digital growth plan for your organization. 

During the first session we discuss your goals. Together we create a plan of action and translate this into concrete steps and KPIs. Based on this, we prepare the ideal team for you. From Data Analysts to Email Marketers: the team contains all the specialisms you need to achieve your goals. Our Lead Developer and your own Product Owner jointly monitor the progress of the project. 


Digital Marketing | 4NG

Managed team for all your ambitions

Your team enters a fixed rhythm of planning, testing, implementing, measuring and adjusting. This way your digital solution always remains up-to-date and you surprise your customers every time. 

Are there new insights you want to capitalize on? Then we adjust your team accordingly. So you do not work with a permanent team, but with specialists with whom you can achieve the most important goals of that moment. Every 2 weeks you can decide for each role whether you want to scale up or down. 

This is what your blended team can look like: 

From 4NG:

   ❍ Delivery Manager
   ❍ Functional Architect
   ❍ 5-6 Developers
   ❍ Tester
   ❍ Monitoring Expert

From your organization:

   ❍ 2 Developers
   ❍ Product Owner
   ❍ Scrum Master

In the Discovery phase from your organization:

   ❍ Solution Architect
   ❍ Designer

Did you know that Dutch National Opera & Ballet has sold over 23% more online tickets since our Growth & Performance deployment? View the case and find out how we did it. 

Your goals as a starting point 

We do not work towards our project goals, but towards the goals of your organization. The Growth & Performance Program will therefore continue indefinitely – until all your goals have been achieved. 

But even after our support, you will continue to work on the growth of your organization. Because your own Product Owner was on the project, the knowledge is secured. 

Why Growth & Performance at 4NG? 

Complete control over the composition of your team 

Limited training time thanks to experienced colleagues 

Support from a Lead Developer 

Mutual involvement so that knowledge remains secured 

Fast insights through tools, dashboards and reports 

We deliver Full-service upscaling on all digital specialisms

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