Conclusion receives CO2-certificate

Conclusion has received the highest attainable certificate of the CO2 Performance Ladder for the entire ecosystem (25+ companies). With this we make the step from level 3 to level 5 in one go. A special achievement that we as 4NG Conclusion are proud of.
CO2-Certificaat Conclusion

Part of the CO2 Performance Ladder is the annual mapping of our CO2 footprint. Since 2012, Conclusion has been closely monitoring CO2 emissions through our environmental management system. To make our business operations more sustainable, we continuously monitor our emissions and we aim for reduction measures.

The CO2 performance ladder is the instrument to gain insight into and a grip on energy consumption and CO2 emissions and to encourage companies to reduce CO2.

Up to level 3, an organization starts working with emissions from its own organization (and all projects). From levels 4 and 5 you also start reducing CO2 emissions in the chain. All companies within the Conclusion ecosystem are certified at the highest attainable level (level 5).

Click here to view the CO2 certificate

CO2-Certificaat Conclusion
CO2-Certificaat Conclusion
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