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Organic search traffic increased 26% after the launch of the new platform, while the bounce rate decreased 47%.
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Content migration for a sustainable bank

ASN Bank is the largest sustainable bank in the Netherlands. They have been committed to making the Netherlands more sustainable since 2007 via their “Voor de Wereld van Morgen [For the World of Tomorrow]” platform. After a number of years on line, the platform was ready for renewal. What could 4NG provide? Well-implemented content migration with improved findability, and a green check mark against all the high security requirements banks are required to adhere to.

A secure, user-friendly platform for everyone

Using our SEO expertise and the latest version of Drupal, we were able to make all the platform content even easier to find. To increase the ease of use of the platform, we optimised the CMS layout. We then embarked on an intensive process with ASN Bank’s IT department to meet the highest security requirements. Using this process they carried out an extensive code analysis. The platform has been improved in several areas:

  • The articles are easier to find, which contributes to a higher SEO ranking.
  • Thanks to the new navigation, visitors can quickly find their information. 
  • Platform management takes less time thanks to the additional management options of Drupal 9.
  • Editors have more freedom: creating pages and blogs is much easier.
  • All platform codes meet the security requirements for banks.
Satisfied visitors and good figures

Both ASN Bank and visitors to “Voor de Wereld van Morgen” are extremely satisfied with the updated platform. Content is easier to find, while navigation around the website is more efficient. The user-friendliness of the platform behind the scenes has also been improved, saving the editors a lot of time.

Organic search traffic to the website increased by 26% since the launch of the new platform. In addition, the bounce rate decreased by 47%. The increase in traffic means ASN Bank is able to reach even more people and inspire them to live more sustainably.

Our new platform is so user-friendly that editors and members of the community intuitively understand how it works straight away. Moreover, we can adjust a lot ourselves.

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