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We have smartly personalised various parts of the customer journey for De Hypotheker based on the lead thermometer model. The result: relevant content for visitors, and richer leads for De Hypotheker. Would you like to know more about how we did that? You can read it here.
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Richer leads through smart personalization

The challenge

Would you like a free appointment with a De Hypotheker adviser? Many website visitors make use of this, but often come to the appointment unprepared. This is a shame because better preparation leads to more valuable advice. Our challenge: work out who the target group is and the phase they are in to personalise the customer journey and show relevant content.

First-time buyer, mover or home owner for example.

We can personalise the De Hypotheker’s customer journey based on the target group and phase the website visitor is in. De Hypotheker’s target groups are first-time buyers, movers and homeowners. We divide the leads into three phases: cold, warm and hot. When we know which target group the visitor belongs to and which phase they are in, we can then personalise the website and the content.

The lead thermometer: how to become a hot lead

Using the lead thermometer, we determine the phase the visitor is in via Score Listeners in BlueConic. At the same time, we establish whether they are ready for a consultation. It works like this: visitors score points based on the pages they visit, what they click on, and the choices they make. So, what happens if you were to use the De Hypotheker’s calculation tool and it turns out you can afford the house you have in mind? You then have 4 points. The higher the point score, the more relevant a consultation with the advisor will be. You will only see a regular call to action to make an appointment if you have collected enough points.

A website that moves with who you are

It is not always clear which information is most relevant to which website visitor. So we simply decided to ask. When visiting popular landing pages, visitors can choose to learn more about:
• buying their first home
• buy their next home
• changing their home or mortgage

Using this information and the lead thermometer, a personalised website is displayed that moves with you. Content is displayed that fits your situation. For the question above, do you want more information about adjusting your home or mortgage? You will then come to a page with tips for making your home more sustainable, and advice about financing a renovation. Pages become more relevant, information easier to find, and you will be better prepared for the consultation.

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Personalize all the relevant touchpoints

Did we look at the rest of the customer journey as well? Definitely! We personalise the entire customer journey by linking the data from BlueConic to Tripolis (e-mail), Google Ads and social media. For example, starters will see a different advertisement on social media than home owners.

Who sees what call to action?

The call to action in De Hypotheker’s e-mails is based on which phase the visitor is in. And what if you haven’t earned many points yet? You will see a call to action about calculating your maximum mortgage. If you have slightly more points we go a step further, namely calculating the monthly costs. And if you have collected a lot of points, and we know you’re interested? Then the call to action in your e-mail is to make an appointment with the advisor.

The result?

Valuable leads, smarter personalisation, optimised customer journey, etc. It all sounds promising, but what has De Hypotheker achieved so far? These are the results from last year:

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Bikkelhart has helped us improve the guidance we offer our website visitors through the customer journey to ensure they are well-informed when they sit down with our advisors.

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