Thanks to Chargebee, Hotelchamp has been able to take a big hit with automation.
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A multilingual system with a link to Exact

Hotelchamp makes it a lot easier for hoteliers to offer a personalized experience to online visitors and to realize revenue growth without the intervention of an intermediate. Hotelchamp has a large and diverse customer base. Many small businesses know where to find them. They noticed that sending invoices in the language of the entrepreneur gives confidence in Hotelchamp an enormous boost. This was therefore an important requirement for the commissioning of a new system.

For the past six years, Hotelchamp has been working with a software that had spent little or no time on further development after delivery. Where they were still very satisfied a few years ago, they noticed that they now encountered a number of issues. The big crux was the fact that the software could not be linked to the Exact accounting system.

Efficiency and user-friendliness

As it is often said, 'to stand still is to fall behind'. Given the growth of recent years, it was almost impossible for the back office to keep track of everything manually and to be clear whether there were still outstanding invoices or not. They were looking for a system that could integrate seamlessly with the accounting system.


With the use of Chargebee and the Exact connector, they have been able to make a big leap in automation and human errors are reduced as much as possible.


The benefits are twofold. The end user uses a clear platform in which they can easily log in, download invoices, manage the subscription and add seats. It is easier for Hotelchamp to manage this in the backend. This benefits efficiency and professionalism.

Digital Strategy Hotelchamp | 4NG

Hotelchamp chose Chargebee because they saw a lack of development at the previous provider. They stood still and that did not match their vision and the ambition to grow. With Chargebee, they were able to take significant steps in the field of automation and enjoy high flexibility.


Hotelchamp is very pleased with how SaaS is translated to the dashboard. The dashboard is extremely user-friendly and ensures that it is easy to understand for everyone. You have real-time insight into your billing and outstanding items and the Revenue stories offer you even more insight into the statistics.

The Chargebee Exact Connector gives us the flexibility we so desperately needed.

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