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New digital strategy increased the time patients spent on the Digitale Zorggids [Digital Care Guide] by 200%, page visits increased by 50%, and the number of reviews increased twenty-fold.
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The Digitale Zorggids of Patiëntenfederatie Nederland

Patiëntenfederatie Nederland is committed to all people in need of care, and it represents more than 200 patient organisations. Various online initiatives are being developed to increase the help offered to patients. One example is ZorgkaartNederland with 1.1 million valuations. Another initiative is the Digitale Zorggids, which helps patients and health-conscious people find their way around the countless online offerings such as apps, tele-consultations and other digital applications.

The task: A winning digital strategy

The Digitale Zorggids fell short of expectations. Too few reviews were coming in, which resulted in fewer and fewer visitors. The result was a loss in the competition with the app stores, who had a high volume of reviews. This is why the Patiëntenfederatie Nederland asked theFactor.e to develop a proposition and concept that would be successful for visitors. A concept that then had to lead to an MVP.

The solution: feedback and reviews from a healthcare context

A Digitale Zorggids cannot compete with the app stores in terms of traffic and will have to choose a different strategy. The new proposition developed by theFactor.e has two foundational principles:

  1. The use of (disorder-specific) experiences from affiliated members with regard to apps and applications. This experience, tips and tricks and top 10 of the most used apps are valuable because they are specific and rich in context, and the Digitale Zorggids can compete well with the often abstract and random reviews found in a generic app store.
  2. A closed-loop feedback programme for PHEs. PHEs are applications that allow for the retrieval and management of medical data, which you can link wearables (fitbits) to, and which can be used to organise healthcare appointments with healthcare providers. However they are still in their infancy, which makes reviewing difficult because how do you review an unfinished product? The solution we found is the closed-loop. Every PGO user receives a review invitation from within the PGO itself. In addition to providing a review, suppliers can ask questions and use the answers to improve their products.
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New strategy produces good initial results

During a discovery sprint lasting three weeks, a small team (strategy, interaction, form, technology) carried out the above assignments. This allowed the build phase to start quickly and the desired planning for the realisation and implementation to be achieved quickly. The subsequent results are as follows:

  • The session duration increased from 1 minute (1:01) to 3 minutes (2:58)
  • The number of pages per session increased slightly from 1.98 to 2.4
  • Overall bounce rate dropped from 70% to 40%
  • Returning visitors increased from 10% to 14%

Defining the new proposition and translating it into a workable interaction concept is one of theFactor.e’s most important core competencies. They are therefore not only good at UX, design and build, but also strategically strong.

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