More than 26,000 students study at Saxion University of Applied Sciences. Saxion wanted to turn their online landscape into a true experience platform. A major challenge in which many components had to be integrated into 1 digital platform.
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Empathize: People make the difference

Experience and connection

The challenge was to create a platform that brings a lot of experience to the website visit. An appealing platform with much more rich content than before. And a platform that brings together all the separate parts of Saxion.

Dream team

We did the project with a large team. Eight Media came up with the concept and design. We built the back-end, the technical migrations and new functionality. Saxion itself was also part of the team, including for strategy and content. Jeffrey van Rossum (communications advisor and product owner digital media at Saxion) about the formed team: “Everyone has enthusiastically dived into it, to this day. Despite the tight deadlines, there was never a moment when someone said: it's not fun anymore, I don't feel like it anymore."

Harmonize: Interactive and fast

Complex transition

The digital transition from an entire online landscape to a new platform is complex. Saxion's online landscape consisted of 8 different components: full-time & part-time studies, concern, .edu, .de, careers, subsites and research. A nice challenge.


We chose Bloomreach because their vision of the future of the digital world fits well with Saxion's ambition. With Bloomreach, a traditional website becomes a platform with many functionalities and interaction. What was special was that Saxion was the first company to switch to Bloomreach 13. The short lines with Bloomreach that theFactor.e has as a gold partner made this possible.

First site live within 4 months

Thanks to the good cooperation in the team (design, technology, content), the deadline of 4 months was met. This created a lot of enthusiasm and energy for the rest of the site. Since that first go-live, we have celebrated countless other go-lives together, and in this way we continue to develop the Saxion platform.

Digital Marketing Saxion | 4NG
Nurture: Proven value

Better conversion

The platform proved its worth from day 1: Not only are there more visitors, but they also find what they are looking for faster. They are on the site longer, read the content carefully, and the conversion is higher. For example, there are more registrations for the open days.

Getting the chance to work on a platform with 40 people for 2 years is very special.

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