Van Benthem & Keulen

The renewed Van Benthem & Keulen website is visually attractive, easy to navigate and easy to manage.
Digital Strategy Van Benthem & Keulen | 4NG

Fresh concept for a modern office

Van Benthem & Keulen is a full-service law firm and notary. What characterizes them? Their transparent, pragmatic and solution-oriented approach. Unfortunately the website appearance did not match that. They asked 4NG for a fresh visual concept, easy navigation, fast loading time and more efficient website management. 

Beautiful, easy and super clear

We kicked off the collaboration with a strategic deepening. We zoomed in on the brand, the target group, their brand values and ambitions. We then got to work with our development sprints. We used the efficient Scrum method during the sprints, and this enabled us to realise the website, including content migration, in 6 weeks. The renewals offer many benefits:

  • The layout of the website offers space for interaction with the visitor.
  • Navigation is easy: visitors can find their way to the right page in a few clicks.
  • The renewed design brings the distinctive qualities of the office to the forefront. 
  • Managing the website takes less time thanks to Drupal 9’s user-friendly and clear platform.
  • Adding a new page, blog, podcast or event can now be done easily and efficiently.

Netvlies acts as a business partner for clients, just like Van Benthem & Keulen. We work well together, they are proactive, and they take care of everything for us. Moreover, they are nice people to work with.


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