Dynamic Yield

Are you looking for a way to improve your customers’ online experience? Personalise your communication with Dynamic Yield.
Dynamic Yield
Reach your customer effectively

Dynamic Yield is a Data Management Platform that allows you to easily set up personalised, digital customer experiences. And you don’t have to do much to achieve that: the platform collects and manages your data to activate personalised interactions.

Personalize your user experience

Dynamic Yield lets you really address your customers. For example, it contains such functions such as A/B testing, conversion tracking and user segmentation so you can optimise the user experience. You also have access to real-time analytics. This is an effective way to reach your potential leads and maintain your customers.

  • Develop a unified view of your customer.
  • Create audience segments for the best personalised experiences.
  • Set up your own experiments without programmers.
  • Measure and manage your experiments and optimise your customer journey.
  • Take advantage of Predictive Targeting, and connect visitors to the right experience.

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Personal shopping experience

Pets Place pet shop used Dynamic Yield for a more personal, relevant shopping experience. Read the case and find out:

  • how Pets Place deployed Dynamic Yield
  • the benefits Dynamic Yield achieved
  • the results of Pets Place since implementation

Dynamic Yield is the best tool for product recommendations, personalised experiences, testing and optimising those experiences across the channels, including app and web. It is, without doubt, the digital version of a shop employee: ‘Can I help you?'

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