An open source headless e-commerce platform, ideal for custom solutions.
Open source e-commerce platform

Sylius is an open source e-commerce platform based on Symfony. Symfony is a robust, scalable PHP framework based on reusable components, and it is supported by a broad community. Sylius has added e-commerce components to this skeleton, such as payment methods and a shopping cart.

The solution for custom e-commerce platforms

In our view, Sylius is the best solution for custom B2B and B2C e-commerce platforms. Sylius has an extensive list of standard functionalities, and at the same time it offers plenty of freedom and flexibility to build custom functionalities. Moreover, it has been specially developed for webshops and e-commerce platforms; unlike WooCommerce, for example, which is built on a content-driven framework. Using REST APIs, Sylius can be easily linked to existing business software, such as an ERP or PIM system. This allows Sylius to be seamlessly integrated into any IT landscape.

Sylius - 4NG Partners

4NG is a Sylius premium partner

4NG is a Sylius premium partner. Our developers are officially trained by the designers, they know the product well, know what is and what is not possible, know how best to use Sylius, and actually find it a very pleasant package for custom e-commerce platforms.

As a partner, we have access to a special support platform and we share our experiences, customer requests and ourselves with the Sylius development team. We have now provided ten customers with a unique, robust and scalable Sylius-based custom e-commerce platform, including Libra, Terberg and Timesavers.

Choose a robust and scalable e-commerce platform

Whether you’re looking for a B2B or B2C solution, everyone benefits from a powerful, flexible and scalable platform that meets your customers’ needs. Sylius offers complete freedom to build a platform that suits your situation. 

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