4NG uses Symfony to build durable and scalable custom web applications that meet the needs of the customer and end user perfectly. Symfony is a robust and scalable PHP framework
Durable and scalable custom applications

Symfony has been the standard in the PHP community for years when it comes to developing more complex custom web applications. In particular, Symfony excels with its durability and proper modelling of complex customer-specific business logic.

PHP has made huge strides in recent years, both in terms of performance and the robustness of the language. We can handle any issue thanks to our years of Symfony experience, extensive code quality tools, CI pipelines, and container-based hosting on Google Cloud and AWS, among others. This is true for a portal, a webshop, a fast API, or a link with external systems such as AFAS, SalesForce, Azure or Microsoft Dynamics ERP. Thanks to our experience, we can offer advice and look after you in this regard, even if an older web application needs to be given a new look to ensure it lasts for years to come.

Why you should choose Symfony

  • Customised solutions: In cases where, for example, Drupal supports the content management issue well, and Laravel offers a framework that offers developers a low learning curve so they can get started quickly and achieve results, Symfony excels in the field of scalability and durability. In contrast to the systems mentioned above, Symfony hardly imposes any form or working method, which means we can fully implement larger customer-specific requests appropriately and without concession.
  • Integrations: we connect effortlessly with external systems and the most diverse APIs to feed the web application with the necessary data and to process new input.
  • Quality/durability: Extensive pipelines, with unit testing, functional testing, end-to-end testing, real-time error tracking and monitoring guarantee the web applications we build will be stable and continue to run for many years.
  • Scalability/performance: our container-based hosting based on Google Cloud and AWS, among others, and further integration with cloud-based solutions, ensures we can handle projects of any size.
  • No vendor lock-in: we build on the basis of community standards, and have established business rules in tests so the web application is easily transferable.
Symfony - 4NG Partners

Extensive community

Symfony is an open-source solution and has a large community of PHP developers all over the world. The many forms and manuals help developers on their way. The community also contributes to optimising the framework. Our certified Symfony developers also contribute to the community.

Facts & figures

Certified Partner
10 +
Years experience
100 +
Projects delivered

The advanced international service portal built into Symfony puts a solid dot on the horizon. A link with our ERP system allows logged-in customers to immediately see their own fleet and the relevant spare parts for each vehicle, and these can be ordered immediately. This saves a lot of time in both searching for the right parts and processing orders. The new portal has been received positively by dealers, end users and the Terberg organisation.

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