Strategy Program

Work towards the future with our Strategy Program. Together with the best strategists you will look for the optimal strategy to achieve your goals. From business and organisation, to digital transformation.
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Flexible approach for a tight strategy 

What is your current online situation and what are the goals for your organization? Those are the first questions we pose. Based on this, we assemble the optimal team. This team contains all the hard & soft skills you need for every goal. Do you want to shift your focus after a while? Then we adjust our roles. Our way of working is not based on our project goals, but on those of your organization. 

And we won't stop until those goals are achieved. The Strategy Program will continue indefinitely. Due to the periodic nature of the program, the results of your solution become clear and we can optimize immediately. This way your organization will continue to improve. 

Digital Strategy | 4NG

The ideal team for every moment 

If we gain new insights during the program, we are sometimes forced to steer the strategy in a different direction. That is why we work with flexible 'managed' teams. No permanent specialists in your team, but specialists with whom you can efficiently achieve your most important goals at that moment. These are specialists from 4NG, but also from your own organization. Every 2 weeks you can decide for each role whether you want to scale up or down. 

What does such a managed team look like? 

From 4NG:

   ❍ Delivery Manager
   ❍ Functional Architect
   ❍ 5-6 Developers
   ❍ Tester
   ❍ Monitoring Expert

From your organization:

   ❍ 2 Developers
   ❍ Product Owner
   ❍ Scrum Master

In the Discovery phase from your organization:

   ❍ Solution Architect
   ❍ Designer

Continuous improvement

To set up a good strategy, our Delivery Manager or Lead Developer ensures that everything runs smoothly. He then works together with the Product Owner that you use yourself. This way, the knowledge remains secured, and your organization - even after our collaboration - continues to grow. 

Curious how we helped others with their digital strategy? Read the Merk-Echt case and discover how their business turnover increased by 40% within 1 year. 

Why Strategy at 4NG? 

Support from a Delivery Manager or Lead Developer 

Market and domain knowledge quickly deployable by experienced specialists 

Control over the composition of your managed team 

Mutual involvement so that knowledge remains secured 

Reporting for a better overview of all your goals, actions and KPIs 

Our specialisms within Strategy

Digital Strategy

We look at the current situation within your company, set goals for the future together, and develop a digital strategy that supports these goals.

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Digital Commerce

We develop the perfect strategy for your conversion optimization. With a careful approach along with the right tools, we take care of effective results in no time.

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Digital Marketing

We create the ultimate brand experience for your target audience. Move from online strategies and campaign plansm to measurable results and sustainable relationships with your customer. 

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Brand & Content

What makes your brand unique? And how do you translate that to content? Within Brand & Content you put emphasis on your brand story and create content that suits that story. 

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