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Realize your digital ambitions with the best developers and designers by your side. From standard solutions to new concepts: rapid and efficient growth is central to our Development Program.
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Your customized digital solution 

Do you want to distinguish yourself within your industry? During our Development Program, we will work on a digital solution that will make your organization stand out. 

Together with your organization, we decide what is to be made, and how we are going to do it. That is why we only really dive into your goals during the first brainstorming session. Then we look at your target group, the requirements and the architecture of your digital solution. Based on this, we put together the perfect team for you. A team consisting of specialists from all kinds of fields, so that you have all the important skills in-house. From Front-end and Back-end Developers, to Business Analysts and Software Developers. 

Managed Services & DevOps | 4NG

Until your goals are achieved 

We do not base our working method on our project goals, but on the goals of your organization. And until those are achieved, the Development Program will continue as usual. So we will work with you indefinitely. In this way, the results of your solution slowly become transparent and we can optimize immediately. 

Beautiful brands such as WWF Netherlands have already taken up the challenge with us. Read the WWF case and discover how we achieved an enormous growth in gifts and donations. 

A flexible team for all your plans 

Are there new insights that we should act on? Or do you want to shift the focus for another reason? Then we adapt your team to the skills required for this. There are therefore no permanent specialists in your team, so that you can always achieve your most important goals efficiently at that time. Every 2 weeks you can decide for each role whether you want to scale up or down. 

So what could a managed team look like?

From 4NG:

   ❍ Delivery Manager
   ❍ Functional Architect
   ❍ 5-6 Developers
   ❍ Tester
   ❍ Monitoring Expert

From your organization:

   ❍ 2 Developers
   ❍ Product Owner
   ❍ Scrum Master

In the Discovery phase from your organization:

   ❍ Solution Architect
   ❍ Designer

Of course, we make changes to the program with care. Our Lead Developer ensures that everything runs smoothly. This works together with a Product Owner that you use yourself. In this way, the knowledge remains secured, and your organization can continue to grow - even after our collaboration. 

Why Development at 4NG? 

Complete control over the composition of your team 

Full-service scaling up of all disciplines 

Limited training time thanks to experienced colleagues 

Mutual involvement so that knowledge remains secured 

Reporting for a better overview of all your goals, actions and KPIs 

Our specialisms within Development

Managed Services & DevOps

We monitor and maintain the quality of your digital solutions. This allows for your solution to remain up-to-date, along with improvements and expansions accelerating. 

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CRM & Subscription

We help you expand on your customer centric focus, and enrich your portfolio with products in subscription form. In this way, you'll lift your CRM and marketing to the next level.

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Tech & Development

Our experiences with different disciplines such as Digital Experience, Digital Commerce and Digital Marketing allow for the release of several new concepts. 

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